Thursday, December 29, 2011

365 Cards - Day 303

Take some stamped, handwritten, computer generated, etc.
letters and cut them out individually as part of your sentiment.

365 Cards - Day 302

Create a masculine card with a touch of pink

365 Cards - Day 301

Do you have a signature expression that you use?
Or perhaps you'd like to create a card with someone who does.
Either way, that should be the sentiment on your card.

365 Cards - Day 300

365 Cards - Day 299

Select a well-known landmark from anywhere in the
world to inspire or include on your card.

365 Cards - Day 298

The two that you need to use on your card are
Masking and Stenciling

365 Cards - Day 297

365 Cards - Day 296

Use two different types of stitches on your card
only one type can be machine stitching if you choose it.

365 Cards - Day 295

Today's challenge is to create a circle shaped
frame on your card using flowers. 
What you frame with it is up to you.

365 Cards - Day 294

Use a combination of alphabet stickers and numbers
(these can be from any source) on your card.

365 Cards - Day 293

Saturday, December 17, 2011

365 Cards - Day 292

Use soothing colors and images on your card.

365 Cards - Day 291

Include diamond shapes on your card - more than one
and at least 3 "pearls" on your card.

365 Cards - Day 290

It's called Change of Base because it's all about the
card base today. Use anything but cardstock as your card base.

I use FOIL for my card and embossed the front

365 Cards - Day 289

Create a large flower on your card using petals you've created yourself.

365 Cards - Day 288

So today's challenge is to "Triple It"
3 triangles, 3 circles, and 3 squares.

365 Cards - Day 287

Today's challenge is about using blue-green as a dominant color.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

356 Cards - Day 286

365 Cards - Day 285

Add three distinct textures to your card
there are lots of options for this -
 flocking - beard and coat trim, glitter - snow flake,
 dry embossing - on background
 wet embossing on sentiment

Friday, December 9, 2011

365 Cards - Day 284

However you choose to this, you must make a mosaic on your card.

365 Cards - Day 283

When I'm out and about, especially these days
with all my Christmas shopping, I'm reminded of all the
inspiration that surrounds us everywhere.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

365 Cards - Day 277

So find someone, anyone around your house to select
3 scrappy things that you can use on your card...

365 Cards - Day 276

Recipe Card Ingredients:
5x5 card   -   3 patterned Papers
6 rhinestones or pearls   -   1 stamp
1 sentiment

365 Cards - Day 275

Divide your card into 4 parts - and each
part should have a different background pattern. 
However else you decorate the card is up to you.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

365 Cards - Day 274

Today's challenge is to have a Winter theme.

365 Cards - Day 273

What I do know, is that requiring you to use all pastels.
Make it a minimum of FOUR colors - nothing bold.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Scrapbookit - Week 5 - Mega Birthday Celebrations

My Layout

My Greeting Card

365 Cards - Day 271

Cardstock base, 1 patterned paper,
2 embellishments, and a sentiment
that's all you can have on your card.

365 Cards - Day 270

Layer ribbon at least 3 different places on your card.

365 Cards - Day 269

Be a copycat and select FOUR elements of this card to scraplift.

365 Cards - Day 268

For this challenge, you need to use an image
of a food item on your card, and then add a
sentiment that incorporates the name of the food.

365 Cards - Day 267

Today's challenge is to make a Fall/Harvest-Themed Tag

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

365 Cards - Day 266

This is a challenge all about creating with yarn.
Specifically, create an embellishment out of yarn
and add it to your card.