Saturday, October 29, 2011

365 Cards - Day 243

On this challenge the "sky's the limit"
as long as it fits the challenge.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Scrapbookit - Week 4 - Mega Birthday Celebrations

My Layout

My Greeting Card

Scrapbookit - Week 3 - Mega Birthday Celebrations

My Card

My Layout

Scrapbookit - Week 2 - Mega Birthday Celebrations

My Page

My Card

Scrapbookit - Week 1 - Mega Birthday Celebrations

My Page

 My Card

365 Cards - Day 242

So let's embrace technology by incorporating it into our card.

365 Cards - Day 241

Recipe Card Ingredients
4x4 Card   -   2 Patterned Papers   -   Ribbon
Glitter  -  Halloween or Fall Theme - Sentiment

365 Cards - Day240

365 Cards - Day 239

So today's challenge is all about celebrating cards.
but you need to avoid specific occasions, including a
Thank You, Missing You, Get Well, Birthdays, Holidays, etc.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

365 Cards - Day 238

Find two ways to embellish your bow any way you'd like.

365 Cards - Day 237

365 Cards - Day 236

You need to have an even number of
embellishments and an odd number
of embellishments on your card.
The sentiment does not count as either,
so you can choose to add that however you wish.

I added 4 snow flakes and 5 christmas lights

365 Cards - Day 235

Use 3 polka dot papers on your card.

365 Cards - Day 234

First think about how you would describe
yourself - all the different aspects of your personality. 

Second, use that description to create a card that is
the OPPOSITE of how you would describe yourself.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

365 Cards - Day 233

Use only three stamps, plus one embellishment
(this part is optional) to design your card. 
Your sentiment can be an additional stamp.

365 Cards - Day 232

Use these Colors on your card.

365 Cards - Day 231

You need to use a STAPLER it for
your card on this challenge.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

365 Cards - Day 222

It's a great opportunity to pull out those stamps
and select a slightly darker shade of the
cardstock color to give it a patterned background

365 Cards - Day 221

We're setting the scene for a Tea Party!

365 Cards - Day 220

This challenge coming at you today
and the key word is RUSTIC.

365 Cards, Day 219

Mix and match at least 3 different paper punches
to create one lovely embellishment.

365 Cards, Day 218

Today's challenge is to create what looks like
a bouquet of flowers right on your card.